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A dear friend of us, Neil Venter, inspired us with his passion for bees in 2012. My hubby, by nature a researcher, ventured into the beekeeping side and did quite some research on bees, beekeeping and attended related courses. We realised that honey was so medicinal when harvested and bottled the correct way and that Propolis, the natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-septic ingredient which bees produce, could heal many ailments.
I researched and started experimenting with beeswax, propolis and natural oils and concocted moisturising creams and ointments. I used (abused) family members, friends and colleagues to test these concoctions using many different recipes. I "harassed" the ones with skin problems, excema, dry skin etc. and gave them samples to use in order to get feedback on the efficiency of these products. They were skeptical at first as they were used to their own choice of brands but became impressed with the results of the products. Even our dogs could not escape Dr Frankenstein! Our Border Collie was diagnosed with cancerous growth on his nose and jaw and the vet wanted to cut it out. I initially used the Propolis Tincture on my dog but decided to make an ointment as the fluid was extremely difficult to apply to the affected areas. After 2 weeks the growth had disappeared - healed! Strangely enough the vet was not so pleased but we were so exited!
All the research about honey, propolis and the experiments with different recipes came full term as did the feedback from friends and family which have been using the moisturising creams etc. I will keep you up to date with other testimonies.
We use the name Just Bee primarily because the honey you get from us is Just as we get it from bees - pure, minimally sifted in order to preserve all the pollen, raw - not heated above the hive's temperature to preserve the nutrients and propolis. The name Just Bee in reverse - Bee Just- confirms one of our personal values in life - be just. We can claim that the product you get from Just Bee is the real mac-coy - nothing more nothing less than Just Honey and the creams and ointments and by product only that what it claims to be made of and what it can remedy!
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