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Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive (Prices from)
Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive (Prices from)

Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive (Prices from)

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  • Prevents Rising, Falling & Penetrating Damp
  • Additive to Mortar, Screed, Unreinforced Concrete and Plaster
  • Remedy for Leaks

Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive is an excellent primary waterproofing when mixed with mortar, screed, unreinforced concrete or plaster.

It is an essential ingredient in the construction of structural, retaining and boundary walls, floors, showers, basements, wine cellars, underground parking, ponds, swimming pools, reservoirs and water features for the prevention of rising, falling and penetrating damp.

Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive is also an excellent remedy for the plugging of leaks.




Primary Waterproofing

  1. Add 2,5 kg Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive to every 50 kg of cement used in any mortar, screed, concrete or plaster mix.
  2. Ensure recognized building mix ratios are adhered to.
  3. Mix dry ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Add required quantity of water to the dry mixture using recognized building mix standards.
  5. Mix wet ingredients thoroughly before use.

Plugging Leaks

  1. Dovetail the leaking spot with a chisel to a depth of about 50 mm and clean thoroughly.
  2. Mix one part Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive with two parts of clean fine plaster or silica sand by volume, e.g. 1 cup Coprox Waterproof Cement Additive to 2 cups sand. Add a little water and mix until a putty like consistency is achieved.
  3. Wear protective gloves and knead well for about half-a-minute.
  4. Relieve the main water flow by inserting a piece of hose into the dovetailed cavity.
  5. Pack the plugging mixture firmly around the hose to keep it in place.
  6. Level the plugging mixture with the surrounding surface.
  7. Allow to dry for approximately 1 hour.
  8. Mix a fresh quantity of plugging mixture.
  9. Have a dowel stick approximately the same diameter as the hose ready for use.
  10. Carefully remove the hose using a twisting motion.
  11. Force the plugging mixture into the hole and apply pressure with the dowel stick for about 1 – 2 minutes.
  12. Remove the dowel stick.
  13. Fill the remaining void with the plugging mixture.
  14. Allow to dry for approximately 2 hours.
  15. Apply two coats of Coprox Masonry Waterproofing.

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